Why and How we work

TelephoNET was formed in 1996

to assist businesses with accessing a new data communications medium, known as the Internet.  We realized it would transform our voice phone systems too, thus we selected the name, TelephoNET to reflect what we intended to do.  

As a trusted advisor, TelephoNET 

forms long-term relationships with our clients. Brokering the acquisition of carrier and supplier services, standing-in between you and your suppliers to assure their performance and fair play.

Technology can be complicated

yet essential to your business’ longevity. We’ll ask key questions and provide you with options that allow you to make intelligent decisions. Bridging the gap of experience and expertise when your business  is considering upgrading its technologies.  

Carriers pay us when you direct  

TelephoNET to procure and manage the  services they provide.  However, our interests and loyalty remains with our clients because we know you may benefit by changing suppliers in the future. 


About TelephoNET


Let's have a friendly conversation about your business objectives and how you use technologies to achieve them.


We'll match your goals with the most effective technologies to help you achieve business goals at the least cost.


TelephoNET will order and coordinate implementation of the systems and services you select.


In close partnership with you, we'll manage all aspects of your communication services for their life-cycle.