Project planning through completion.


TelephoNET is a 25-year old telecommunications brokerage firm.  We help businesses select, procure and put in to production the systems and services that form your business communications.  We’ll manage your entire telecom network or only the aspects you desire.  

Here are some of the services we perform to benefit our clients.



Internet service trends show that while SPEED and capacity has increased, service RATES have decreased steadily. 

Working closely with our clients, we analyze your current services and contracts and present the optimum options available today.  We’ll help you navigate the complexities of carrier options and obligations. 

I.e. Many carriers include auto-renew provisions designed to lock you in to extended terms and high rates.  TelephoNET eliminates these “gotcha” clauses and helps you find and negotiate the best available services and terms for your business.



Get preferred rates from your favorite suppliers.


Single party responsibility for projects and installations.


Upon ordering your telecom services, you’ll want them installed accurately and on a timely basis.  Business deadlines and commitments can be delayed when separate entities are responsible for circuit deliveries, extending inside building wiring, equipment delivery, connection and testing, etc.  

TelephoNET takes responsibility for coordinating all facets of service turn-up and systems Go-Live events, so that delays and dual service bills are avoided to the greatest extent possible.  


The trend from premises-based to cloud-based networks requires the proper mix of equipment, services and security to achieve and maintain optimal value for your business.  TelephoNET relies on our expert relationships with carriers and equipment suppliers to keep you abreast of the latest technology and price innovations.  Via a network of professional associations we’re able to call on subject matter experts and nationwide field resources to get things done anywhere.


Telecommunications - Hosted | Premises | Hybrid


One-call support and resolution, 24xseven.


Support is paramount!  It’s the most important we do. TelephoNET understands you require knowledgeable and responsive support when issues and outages arise.  We treat our clients with White Glove support, 24×7, for every emergency encountered with the facilities you rely on. Our ongoing management of your services goes well beyond diagnosis and resolution of network or systems issues, you may periodically encounter.  We safeguard the critical information carriers need to quickly restore services, which allows us to short-cut protocols and quickly pin-point the actions they must take to rectify network issues. 


TelephoNET provides simple invoicing allowing you to predict and pay one budgeted amount every month. We scrutinize each bill received for accuracy and adherence to the service agreement. We go after and obtain credits for unavailable and mis-billed services and keep your account with them up to date.

Let’s face it, Telecom carriers do not always deliver what they advertise and they’re notorious for nickel and diming customers after services are installed.  We’ve all seen those phantom charges mysteriously appear on our utility bills.  Indeed, almost half of utility invoices have erroneous charges that most do not understand, but pay anyway.  You can avoid these issues when we handle it for you.


Billing responsibility, dispute and resolution.