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Cisco-8861 – Rental

An advanced, feature-rich business phone ideal for knowledge workers in mid-sized to large enterprise businesses. OPUS codec support guarantees High quality (HD) voice and superior sound quality. Features include 2 USB ports, native Bluetooth and WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, presence, an intuitive user interface, and more.

Poly-CCX-700 – Rental

Video with your performance business media desk phone with a large color touchscreen and superior audio quality.

Premier profile Licenses

The Premier profile is designed to maximize worker productivity and meet the business needs of the majority of MiCloud Connect users. If you require full Call Recording functionality, more than 25-party audio/web conferences, or more than 50-party video conferences, the Elite profile is more aligned with your needs.

Standard profile licenses

The Essentials profile is designed to best serve MiCloud Connect users who do not require the use of Scribe, CRM integration, or Operator for Connect Client, and do not require more than 8-party audio and video conferences. If these features are desired, the Premier profile or Elite profile is more aligned with your needs.

Unify-CP600 – Rental

Ideal for the collaborative workplace, the CP600 devices offer numerous interoperability capabilities.

Yealink-T57W – Rental

7-Inch adjustable color touch screen business IP phone. Bluetooth, WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, USB port, and more. Power adapter included